Aviator Hotel Luxury Wedding Show

As a wedding photographer I get to spend time at some amazing venues. Sunday 5th March 2017 is one such occasion, as I will be exhibiting at the Luxury Wedding Show being hosted by the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough. If you would like to come along to meet me and discuss your forthcoming wedding, I will be delighted to see …

Why is wedding photography expensive?

“Why is wedding photography expensive?” you might ask. In fact, is it expensive? This might seem a tricky subject for a photographer to tackle as I am, after all, running a business, and probably just like you, have a mortgage to pay. So going beyond the obvious need to provide a saleable service at a profitable price point in order …

Katrina & Mike, The Walled Garden, Cowdray, West Sussex


The Walled Garden at Cowdray provided the beautiful backdrop for the wedding of the lovely Katrina and Mike a few weeks ago. Guys it was a real pleasure spending the day with you and your families. The post-processing is in full flight, so in the meantime here’s a little slideshow to whet the appetite…

Gilbert White & The Oates Collections Wedding Fayre

Offering a 16th century barn, or an historic house for your wedding ceremony, Gilbert White’s is a wonderful Hampshire wedding venue. If you would like to come along to meet me and discuss your forthcoming wedding, I will be delighted to see you!

Second photographers


Generally I don’t employ a second photographer. I’m not averse to working in a team, but having a second photographer in attendance can pose a few challenges that are not immediately obvious. So, having a second photographer on hand at your wedding may be one of those examples of when more is not necessarily better.

The colours look funny!

I was going to title this post “colour calibration”, but on reflection realised that only those with something significantly more than a passing interest in photography and computing would have a clue as to what it is. Do the photos in your online gallery exhibit a colour cast that you think is not quite right, or do the skin tones look …