Second photographers


Generally I don’t employ a second photographer. I’m not averse to working in a team, but having a second photographer in attendance can pose a few challenges that are not immediately obvious.

  • First of all, any photographs that my name is associated  with reflect on my business, and form part of my image to people that one day might be customers. That may sound a bit “precious”, but it is a concern when running a business where reputation is very important.
  • When using multiple photographers attention must be paid to ensuring that the images as a whole are consistent, not only technically, but also in terms of style. A mix of images with a different look and feel does not look good in a wedding album.
  • Two photographers will mean twice as many images to import, sift through, and possibly retouch. I find that a typical wedding day will see well over a thousand images taken, with roughly 300 or so making the final cut into the couple’s online gallery. Doubling that starting figure means an awful lot more time sat at the computer!
  • Finally, the more photographers in attendance, the more obtrusive the coverage.

So, having a second photographer on hand at your wedding may be one of those examples of when more is not necessarily better.